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About Tony's

Probably the best fish and chips in Sheffield

Tony's Fish and Chips is a well established traditional fish and chip shop that has built up an enviable reputation over the last 100 years.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide fresh produce sourced locally. Using traditional cooking methods we have been providing delicious fish and chip suppers for the locals and beyond for generations.

Fresh fish & chips are cooked to order

Cod & Haddock is cooked to perfection in our fresh batter made from our 100 year old secret recipe.

The lost art of preparing fresh fish and chips

A reputation for making the best fish and chips in the area, Tony's Fish and Chips won't disappoint you when ordering a classic fish supper from the menu.

Not served in newspaper anymore but the battered Cod and chips tastes as good today as it did when the secret batter recipe was created.

Locally sourced ingredients

Tony's Fish and Chips uses only the best locally sourced produce including fresh potatoes from local farms, fresh fish delivered daily and freshly prepared batter for the selection of deep fried cod, haddock and sausage.

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